Under Low Skies by Ed Teja

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 258
File Size: 455 KB

Under Low Skies by Ed Teja is a delightful read. Mr. Teja weaves a good tale, in a delightful Caribbean setting, with several well-developed characters, such as Martin Billings, Victoria, and Ugly Bill. On the other hand, I found that Martin’s brother, Tim;  the policeman,Wilfredo; and Martin’s girlfriend, Maggie to be too sketchy and convenient–fillers to keep the plot going. In spite of this, I enjoyed reading the book. The plot is full of adventure, mishaps, and twists that left me wondering who is the killer.

What I particularly liked were the details of the landscape, the boating and nautical references, and the unexpected happenings when nothing goes as planned.  Under Low Skies is a suspenseful, light read that I highly recommend.