Joint Judgement by Wendy Cartmell

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
ASIN: B01I58M042
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ISBN-10: 1535393203
ISBN-13: 978-1535393201
Pages: 206

Once again, Wendy Cartmell entertains us with her latest book, Joint Judgement: An Emma Harrison Thriller . When a murder occurs at the Reading Young Offender’s Institute and the cellmates take over the education wing, Emma Harrison contacts Sgt. Billy Williams, an investigator with the Military Police to process the evidence and determine the murderer. Billy must not only defuse the rising fear and tension among the cellmates who fear retaliation and possibly being charged with murder under the umbrella of the Joint Justice Rule he must also find the culprit.

I enjoyed the deductive processes, the dialog, and pace and recommend this book as a good read.

My only concern is with the subtitle: An Emma Harrison Thriller. Surprisingly, Emma Harris is not the main character in this episode, Sgt Billy Williams is. Emma is relinquished to playing the fretting girlfriend on the sideline while Billy takes the show. I hope that in future Judgement Books, Emma will be the protagonist; I enjoy strong female models. As Billy said to Emma, “You do a bloody tough job for a woman, and from what I’ve seen you also do it bloody well.” I’m crossing my fingers that this patronizing compliment does not forebode the role that  Emma will have in future books.