Honour Bound by Wendy Cartmell

Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
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ISBN-10: 1497428777
ISBN-13: 978-1497428775
Pages: 280

Honour Bound by Wendy Cartmell, the third book in the Sgt Major Crane series, is a good way to while away a few hours. Tom Crane, a military police detective, is called to investigate the rape and murder of a young woman in Aldershot when witnesses describe the attacker as a squaddie. As the case progresses, there are more rapes and murders.

As Sgt. Major Crane tries to solve this case, he becomes aware of the repeated raping of a male soldier by his superior. Until the young man names his rapist, Tom Crane cannot proceed with this case.

In addition to having to solve these cases, Tom Crane must deal with a newborn and the difficult adjustment his wife is having to maintain the house, the baby, and her husband.

As the story develops, Tom changes his old fashion opinions about why women get raped. In my opinion, the evolution of this character is too convenient. One day he is blaming the girls for encouraging rape, but when it happens to his secretary, he changes his mind.

In her attempt to discuss the devastating effects of rape in the military and postpartum depression, Ms. Cartmell’s creates characters that present the issues but have little depth. It is all about Tom Crane—how the issues affect him, and this seems very shallow.

The dialog between the major characters is strained, and that between the minor characters is either a rant (Tom’s reporting to his superior), or just unnatural (Tom’s talking with his wife).

I did enjoy the plot and how the subplots entwine. I recommend this book for those who like a light mystery that also raises the consciousness about social issues.