Deviance by J. F. Penn

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Mystery Thriller
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ISBN-10: 1515076040
ISBN-13: 978-1515076049
Print Length: 234 pages

As a benefit of reading Deviance by J. F. Penn, I learned about London’s historic sex trade and its connection with the church.  Ms. Penn has a knack for  weaving unusual historical fact into a modern setting as background for a mystery thriller.

Deviance is the third book in the London Psychic series. In this book, Jamie Brooke, now a private investigator, and Blake Daniel, the psychic researcher, look into the murder and disappearances of tattooed members of the Southwark borough of London. The sexual tension between the two protagonists is palpable…will they ever kiss or are they each too damaged to find solace in one another?

Ms. Penn’s  talent for capturing the essence of good and evil is evident in Dale Cameron’s character, with his “day job” persona and his secret malicious self. In addition, Ms. Penn explores the superiority of the righteous and their inability to see good in lifestyles and behaviors different from theirs.

I recommend reading all the book in the series, not because they are dependent on one another—there is sufficient backfill—but because the stories are entertaining and several of the minor characters appear across the series.