The Deadly Dozen: 12 Mysteries/Thrillers

Ratings:4 Stars
Genre: Mystery and Thriller

This collection The Deadly Dozen: 12 Mysteries/Thrillers entertained me for weeks. The set includes ten full-length novels and two long novellas. Some of the stories were so grabbing, that I put off watching TV and other forms of entertainment to find out what happened next. This set is a great value for those who like mysteries and thrillers.

As with any set, some of the stories are better written than others. There is a enough of a mix in themes and genres to prevent getting tired of reading similar works. For me, this was the first time I read most of the authors, and I will definitely seek out more books by several of the authors.

Below is the list of books in the set with my rating and link to my review.

1 – DON’T KNOW JACK (The Hunt For Reacher Series) – Diane Capri Rating: 4 Stars
2 – CRY WOLF (A Laura Cardinal Novella) – J Carson Black Rating: 4 Stars
3 – NIGHT WIDOW (The Night Series) – Carol Davis Luce Rating: 5 Stars
4 – GUARANTEED JUSTICE (The Justice Series) – M A Comley Rating: 3 Stars
5 – STRANGER IN TOWN – Cheryl Bradshaw Rating: 4 Stars
6 – BREAKING STEELE (A Sarah Steele Thriller) – Aaron Patterson & Ellie Ann Rating: 4 Stars
7 – MOONLIGHT SONATA (A Dick Moonlight Thriller) – Vincent Zandri Rating: 2 Stars
8 – TERMINUS – Joshua Graham Rating: 4 Stars
9 – ONE DAY IN BUDAPEST – J F Penn Rating: 4 Stars
10 – DEAD CELEB (The Dead Celeb Series) – Michele Scott Rating: 5 Stars
11 – FINAL VECTOR – Allan Leverone Rating: 3 Stars
12 – THE GIFTS (A Jacody Ives Mystery) – Linda S Prather Rating: 5 Stars

Great value for the money!