BREAKING STEELE by Aaron Patterson & Ellie Ann

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Legal Thriller
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ISBN-10: 0615654916
ISBN-13: 978-0615654911
Print Length: 300 pages
Audiobook Length: 3 hours and 48 minutes
Audiobook ASIN: B00DW2KGC0

I read Breaking Steele by Aaron Patterson & Ellie Ann as part of the Deadly Dozen: 12 Mysteries/Thrillers set. This is the first book in the Sarah Steele Legal Thriller series.

The story starts with a the brutal death of a kidnapped girl. Sarah Steele, “the up-and-coming assistant district attorney,” has an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to Hank Williams, a wealthy playboy, as the murderer. But it seems too easy. Then the judge calls an impromptu meeting to announce jury rigging, the juror is replaced, and the trial goes on. When the tech who did the DNA testing comes to work stoned, the evidence is nulled. Sarah’s evidence gathering starts to unravel. When she is kidnapped, Sarah’s captor tells her, “We need the Williams case to go away,” and threatens that if she doesn’t lose the case she will end up like the dead girl. Before Sarah passes out, she thinks she sees Hank Williams, but he’s in jail, isn’t he?

Sarah, though shaken up, continues with the case. Does she convict Hank Williams or does he walk? What are his secrets and why is he so smug? Reading the book will not only answer these questions but surprise you with the ending. This is a well-written in the first person narrative, fast paced, and full of twists and false leads. You will love the ending.