Jungle Land by R.M. DuChene

Rating: 3 star
Genre: Adult fiction/Horror
ASIN: B00C7H250
File Size: 325 KB

Jungle Land by R.M. DuChene starts with a man (Eric) hauling an unconscious woman to a cave. After she regains consciousness, the man promises to let her go, once he finishes reading her his story. The tale starts with his earliest memories about his brother, Randy. The two unsupervised boys struggle to find food, witness a suicide hanging of “Uncle Mark,” one of their mom’s boyfriends, and play in an area near home that they call Jungle Land. In this secluded area, they build forts, and then destroy them by throwing stones and rocks at each other as they hide behind their fortresses. With time, they invite friends to join them. As the innocent game becomes more aggressive, the story reminds me of Lord of the Flies.

Eric’s childhood recollections seem real with the logic of a young boy. I could hear the conversations he had with Randy and later with his best friend, Andrew Wilkes. The pace is quick and, for the most part, chronological. The only thing prevented me from giving it four stars is the need for a copy-edit. If you can overlook typos and grammatical errors, you may well like this story.