Storykeeper by Daniel A. Smith

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Historical Fiction
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ISBN-10: 1466212977
ISBN-13: 978-1466212978
Pages: 352

In Storykeeper,  Daniel A. Smith creates a historic tale about Native Americans and the arrival of Hernando de Soto. From the opening dream, Mr. Smith drew me into the story of Manaha, “Mother-of-None.” In that dream, she is charged to “Give your stories to the ones who have not heard. Become the storyteller your people need.”

The narrative is about the recollections of an old Native American woman and the stories she heard from Taninto whom she called “grandfather,” the man who raised her. Her voice is so well-developed, that I forgot it was written by a man.

Mr. Smith’s research helped him spin a realistic tale that was as educational as entertaining. Not only did I learn history and something about Native Americans, I came away with an understanding of why it is important to remember the stories of our ancestors.

I highly recommend this award-winning book. Though it was not written as a YA book, I believe young adults would enjoy reading this beautifully written book while learning about a part of our history that should not be forgotten.

Though Storykeeper is subtitled (Nine-Rivers Valley Book 1), there are no other books in the series. What a shame. I would have enjoyed reading more.

Kudos to the writer.