Cartier’s Ring by Parson Moore

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Historical Fiction
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ISBN-10: 1463575777
ISBN-13: 978-1463575779
Print length: 278 pages

I enjoyed reading Cartier’s Ring by Pearson Moore. Not only was the story well-written and captivating, but it also taught me about tribal life in Canada in the sixteenth century and about the interactions between tribes and Europeans. At first I had difficulty with the Indian names, but after a few pages I was able to quickly associate the names with the characters. I particularly enjoyed the strong female characters, especially Myeerah, the main character, whom we follow through her life.

Pearson successfully used Indian philosophy to comment on current issues. On equality: “…because by the Law of Great Peace all men and women are equal.” On personal responsibility: “every man must work for the good of his kanata, and not for selfish desire,” On peace: “We will know peace only when all of us carry peace in our hearts.” Pearson has many more of these “pearls” scattered throughout the book.

I found the book entertaining and recommend it.