Waylaid by Susan Klaus

Ratings:5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense Thriller
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ISBN-13: 978-0-9979064-0-0
Pages: 419

Waylaid by Susan Klaus is an unbelievably suspenseful fantasy thriller. What happens to Shail and the Harpies piqued my interest and had up reading late into the night.

Waylaid, the second book in the “Flight of the Golden Harpy” series, continues the story of Shail, the leader of the Harpies, and is standalone, though I highly recommend reading the books in sequence. Once again, Ms. Klaus entertains us while exploring themes of endurance, honor, and tolerance. The book is not preachy but what happens to the golden leader and his family made me rethink what it means to be human.

I highly recommend this book for adults who enjoy the genre and are not offended by the mistreatment of others (sexually or otherwise), genocide, environmental destruction, and the ugly side of humanity. In spite of these dark undercurrents, the book is about hope, family, friends, and preserving the good. Kudos to the writer!