The Call by Kat Covelle

Rating: 4-Star
Genre: Fantasy
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ISBN-10: 0985974001
ISBN-13: 978-0985974008
Pages: 336

Imagine trying to conquer your fear of heights by climbing the Golden Gate Bridge! That is what Sam Wilson attempts to do on his birthday in the fantasy, The Call by Kat Covelle. Approaching the highest point, Sam sees a woman who is about to jump. In his attempt to rescue her, he is pushed off the bridge. Instead of dying, he is saved by his guardian angel, Franklin, who then tells Sam that “static” is preventing the guardian angels from entering the city. As a results, the city is overrun by demons. The angel asks Sam to rid the city of the static source . In his efforts to do so, Sam fights demons, talks with animals, and  meets and falls in love with Rosemary Grace,

I enjoyed Ms. Covelles characters and the fanciful plot twist. Since Sam Wilson is a mythology teacher, there are many references to mythology. If you enjoy mythology, fantasy, and romance, I recommend you read this book.