Original Destination by J Yates

Ratings: 3 Stars
Genre: Steampunk
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ISBN-10: 1500203408
ISBN-13: 978-1500203405
Pages: 702

Original Destination by J Yates is the final installment in the Paradox Child books. This book is not stand-alone, so be sure to read all three volumes sequentially.

In this volume, Lily admits to her mom that her first destination did not take her to see her father, as she had originally planned, but to Pitt Rivers. Until she speaks with Pitt Rivers, he had not had success with the time machine. She is the paradox that set all the machinations that followed with all the  unforeseen consequences. Yet, had she not gone back in history, would she be alive today? The dilemma is too painful for Lily and Rose to think about, and remains unanswered.

Lily’s and Rose’s characters are more complex in this volume than in the first two and the interaction between them seems more realistic, albeit drowning in tea. Lily learns that love hurts and that men can be idiots with women, a hard lesson for a thirteen-year-old.

I question the necessity of some chapters which provide no plot advancement and make the story drag. I think tightening up the story, having a professional editor, a better layout (the TOC is incomplete in the first two volumes), and making sure all the loose ends were tied would have made this a 5-star book. I enjoyed reading all three books and recommend them for young adults who enjoy time travel, romance, and magic.