The Journey Home by P. R. Adams

Ratings: 4 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
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ISBN-10: 0692844708
ISBN-13: 978-0692844700
Pages: 372

In this modern-day world, Elliot Saganash and Tammy McPhee find it hard to believe in the mysticism taught by their elders. After the deaths of their parents, Elliot and Tammy each went to live with a grandparent who lived in a mansion with a group of guardians who tried to impart their mystical knowledge on the younger ones. Elliot finds it difficult to believe in something that is not scientific and Tammy finds the elder’s beliefs silly. When Elliot leaves for college, Tammy feels abandoned and tries to find solace by going off clubbing with a friend. While gone, their guardians are brutally murdered and Tammy “feels” the presence of the murderer; he is in her mind.

When Elliot goes on a journey to bring the remains of the elders to their native home, he is hunted by an evil spirit who wants to consume him; yet he refuses to concede to the mysticism. At the same time, Tammy is tormented by the spirit who killed the elders. Elliot returns home from his journey, to help Tammy. To survive, they resort to the mysticism taught by their elders. After the ordeal, Elliot looks “up from his musings…Everything looked so real, and so normal. And yet everything felt so wrong.”

The pace is moderate and the action is suspenseful. To me, Elliot’s journey timeline does to fit Tammy’s timeline. I also found the mystical names and concepts confusing, almost of if they were thrown in to impress me and not as part of the story. In spite of this, I enjoyed the read and recommend it for those who enjoy this genre.