Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid

Ratings: 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
ASIN: B006G2EX86
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ISBN-10: 1456329650
ISBN-13: 978-1456329655
Pages: 280

I was quickly drawn into Journey to Aviad (Wind Rider Chronicles Book 1). Even though the book is written in the third person, the author skillfully lets the reader into the mind of the main characters, Elowyn and her sister Morganne. Elowyn is a free spirit who loves to spend her time in the forest near Tyroc and ride the wind on the branches of the tallest trees. But something unnatural is happening in Tyroc and the girls flee putting their faith in Aviad, the Creator. Morganne uses a book given to her by her monk tutor to read about the Prophets and the rise of Alazoth.

Though there are religious overtones, this book is not preachy. It is a tale of adventure with strong female protagonists who try to find their way to Minhaven and struggle against the rising evil. Both girls feel a calling from Aviad but do not understand what His purpose is for them.

The pace is steady drawing the reader into the story with many characters, subplots, and underlying themes. I so enjoyed the book, that I quickly purchase the sequel, wanting to know what happens next to the young girls. I highly recommend Journey to Aviad to those who enjoy allegorical tales set in medieval times.