Gates of Heaven by Pamita Rao

Ratings: 3 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
File Size: 1418 KB
Pages: 160

Gates of Heaven by Pamita Rao is the first book in the fantasy action adventure series “Gates of Heaven.” Alaira must protect her nephew, Neelahaim, from his father, Creed, the evil king of Myrth who wishes to gain his son’s power through a ritual which could kill the boy. The only way to ensure Neelahaim’s safety is to find the Gates of Heaven and transport to another realm.

Narrated in the third person, the story lacks character development, so I did not connect with the characters. The plot has continuity but lacks the tension needed to make it fast-paced.

Ms. Rao has created a potentially good series. I hope the future books will be more enthralling.