Fall from Grace by J. Edward Ritchie

Ratings: 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
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ISBN-10: 1502973863
ISBN-13: 978-1502973863
Pages: 425

Fall from Grace by J. Edward Ritchie is so thought-provoking that to fully understand the magnitude of the work requires several readings. Some of the themes and questions raised in the book include

  • “The sacrosanct concepts of choice and freedom”
  • The suspension of liberties in extreme times
  • Goodness and love vs. evil
  • Faith vs. reason
  • Evolution vs. destiny
  • Violence as an intrinsic attribute, in hibernation until awaken
  • Evil as a natural part of who we are
  • The damnation of war and how quickly it fades morality
  • Brotherly rivalry and jealousy
  • Complacency vs. self-improvement
  • The Cosmos’ need for life

The story is about Heaven and the angels (Hosts). Michael, a seraph, is the Logos of the Creator while his brother Satanail is the Hand. When the Creator tells Michael about Mankind, Michael does not immediately share the information with his brother. Resentful and insulted at being cast aside, Satanail starts to question the Creators motives and what effect Michael’s interpretation of the Word will have on the rest of Heaven’s angels? Each brother struggles with the meaning of the revelation. Each comes to a different conclusion, Michael with faith, Satanail with authoritative reason. And thus begins the battle.

Mr. Ritchie is a masterful story-teller, creating a Heaven full of diverse creatures, monsters, and characters with very “human” traits. At first, it is not apparent which angel is falling from grace, and you will keep you turning the pages to see which one survives.