Catalyst Moon: Incursion by Lauren L. Garcia

Ratings: 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
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ISBN-10: 1535276304
ISBN-13: 978-1535276306
Pages: 318

Lauren L. Garcia hits the ball out of the park with her first book, Catalyst Moon: Incursion. At the time of this writing, the book ranks #48 in Kindle Store > Fantasy > Classics. And this is just what I think this book is, a classic.

In Aredia, people fear mages. The magic-doers are locked away in hematite-lined bastions and kept prisoners by duty-bound sentinels. When being transported, the mages are restrained by hematite cuffs that inhibit their magic. While Kali, Mage Halcyon, is being transferred to Whitewater City, her carriage and guards are attacked by demonic raiders. She and the sentinel Stonewall escape. The story is about the goings-on as they flee the raiders and journey to the city.

The book is filled with interesting characters: other mages looking for freedom, sentinels finding their place in the military hierarchy, and locals who fear the magicians—lots of fodder for sequels.  Catalyst Moon: Incursion is the first is volume 1 in the Catalyst Moon Saga. I am looking forward to the next installment.