A Midwinter Sellsword by Joshua Robertson

Ratings: 3 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
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Pages: 41

In A Midwinter Sellsword, Mr. Roberston builds a complex world. The Sellsword (mercenary) Argus Gunther (formerly known as Haakan Madrin) escorts Astrid Lancaster, his so-called ransom, into Hawkhurst, a subterranean city. As the story progresses, Argus must face his past to regain his freedom. Astrid is unaware of the real purpose of the journey into the city. By not knowing the local prohibitions on the use of magic, she is captured by ten magi.

I am not fond of episodic stories with a story arc that unfolds over many episodes especially when nothing is resolved within the episode. To me, it felt as if I had come into the middle of a story that had no real conflict and no resolution. I would like to see A Midwinter Sellsword developed into a full novel instead of being a stand-alone “book” in the Hawkhurst Saga.  Joshua Robertson is a skillful storyteller, I just wish he had told the whole story in this book.