The Blood King Conspiracy by David Leadbeater

Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Action and Adventure
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ISBN-10: 1481980580
ISBN-13: 978-1481980586
Pages: 268

After reading the first book in the Matt Drake series, I wanted to read more by this author. It had been some time since I read the first book, and I was disappointed that The Blood King Conspiracy by David Leadbeater didn’t provide more backstory for the various characters. For this reason, I had a hard time getting into the novel…I felt like an outsider at a party when everyone else was in on a joke. I was also put out by the many references without explanation to pop culture and songs. Also disappointing were the lack of character depth and the many analogies that seemed forced, as if Mr. Leadbeater were trying too hard to be cleaver.

With that said, this is an action-filled book that might appeal to young males. The Blood King is a feared underworld leader who is searching for a two-piece device that was salvaged from Blackbeard’s ship and that might be responsible to the happenings in the Bermuda Triangle.

Matt Drake’s team is tasked with preventing The Blood King from getting the device and destroying the world. The ending, though not a cliff-hanger, suggest that we haven’t seen the end of Matt Drake or The Blood King.