Sub-Sahara by Ethan Arkwright

Ratings:4 Stars
Genre: Action Thriller
ASIN: B01M73K2G2
File Size: 1491KB
ISBN-10: 0956888054
ISBN-13: 978-0956888051
Pages: 323

The opening chapters to Sub-Sahara by Ethan Arkwright are promising. As I woman, I love to read about a strong female protagonist and was pleased to see that the lead archaeologist on the verge of discovery was Rebecca Grainger. Disappointingly, she becomes incidental to the story and the mystery around the dig fizzles out.

In short, the story is about the discovery of a new energy source that “could change the course of history” and the race to retrieve it. The “good guys,” a special forces team lead by Cavill, fight other mercenaries. In the rush to the endgame, the team uses all sorts of modern-day warfare.

If you like action-adventure a la the Indiana Jones genre, the first ten chapters will have you in suspense. If you like reading action-filled military books, the second part of the book will be a thriller for you.